Space Coast Dogs | Summer 2018

What a summer this has been!! I’ve loved seeing my neighbors out walking their dogs in the morning and evenings - to avoid the heat of midday of course! There is such a variety of ages and breeds in this area, it looks like there might even be a new great dane pup a few streets over - such long legs!! :-D I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several local pups this summer, and would love to share some of my favorite images with you all.


Murphy is an adorable, little 7-year-old ball of energy! He weighs in at a whopping 4.2 pounds, and loves flashing his toothy grin!  His momma helps launch rockets here in the Space Coast, so he makes sure to find a human to take him out to watch every launch he can!


Roscoe and Murdock make quite the pair of brothers.  Murdock, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is around 9 years old, and can no longer hear, so he relies on Roscoe, his pit-mix best friend to let him know when it’s time to bark (at passing cars, leaves blowing in the wind, and newcomers!), time for food, and time for snuggles with their human family.

Extra photo 2.jpg

Karl is a lovable, 2-year-old, beagle/corgie mix who absolutely loves belly rubs and to hang out on the couch when his humans watch TV.  While he loves his human parents very much, he absolutely loves it when his grandma comes to visit!!! He might be a little spoiled with his treat-kabobs! Shhh!! :-)