Space Coast Dogs | Fall 2018

Ok, is it just me, or did the fall season rush past way more quickly than last year?!  Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?!  Too soon? :-) Even though it went by quickly, I love this time of year… Still warm enough to not have to wear a jacket (for the most part), but cooling down a bit such that you can start to take your dog for a walk at lunchtime or early afternoon on some days.  Well, unless it’s raining! I’ve met some amazing dogs this fall season, and I just have to show you their amazing faces!!!


Ziggy and Bella have almost completely opposite personalities, and yet, they are both bundles of fun and love!  Bella likes to act the mom around other dogs, and is very talkative, whereas Ziggy (the pug) is a little rebel!  I’ve never seen a small pug run faster than when he has something in his mouth that he shouldn’t have!  


Duck is a classic, happy dog, who is all to ready to chase his tail!!  His humans have been teaching him commands in German, so I was lucky to have his momma there to help me figure out the appropriate words to use to guide him.  His peanut butter treats were well deserved after his session :-)


Macy and Ellie were born to pose for the camera!  These sweet little dachshunds were in town for a short amount of time to visit a new human baby addition to the family, so I’m glad we were able to sneak a small session in for them before they left.


This fluffy ball of cuteness is Jasmine - she is so much fun!! We met up with her human dad in Rockledge for some gorgeous photos by the lake and some stunning silhouette shots that epitomize classic Florida palm trees and sunsets! I definitely wanted to sneak her in my car before we left!