Sgt. Stubby | Dog Movie

Have you seen the newest dog movie in theaters?!  Sgt. Stubby is an animated movie based on a true story of a pup who found his way into an army training camp, was adopted by 25-year old Private J. Robert Conroy, and charmed his way into becoming the beloved mascot of the 26th “Yankee” Division of the 102nd Infantry Regiment. 

Unless I’ve already read copious reviews or already know the story, I sometimes have a hard time deciding whether or not to go see a movie (specifically while still in theaters) that prominently features a dog (live action, animated, or claymation…doesn’t matter).  I’m incapable of not bawling my eyes out if something bad happens to a dog – I just can’t help it!  Have you seen the t-shirt quote or meme, “I don’t care who dies in the movie as long as the dog lives!” That’s me… maybe a bit silly, I know, but still… In this case, ***SPOILER ALERT!*** the dog lives!!! 😀

This awesome, little mutt, Stubby, did an incredible job during WWI: detecting incoming attacks and alerting the troops, leading medics to wounded soldiers, and he even caught a German spy in the trenches!

There are several photographs and more information about Stubby’s story at this link for the movie, and at this link to a 2014 news article on how Sgt. Stubby is still the most highly decorated canine soldier.  

I really enjoyed this movie, I hope you’ll consider watching it and learning more about this incredible canine war hero!