Achilles' Story

This is a very special story that has a wonderful ending, but get the tissues ready… It is sure to tug on your heartstrings!

On February 21st, 2018, Furever Bully Love Rescue (FBLR) put out a Red Alert call to their dog-loving facebook community for help regarding a young dog found on the side of a road in Mims with a face that was so damaged, there is no way you could tell what type of dog he was.  He was still conscious, and wagging his tail despite the fact that his snout had been severely damaged, and his future uncertain.  

At the first vet visit, it was decided that he would need several reconstructive surgeries that would cost a significant amount of money.  FBLR's facebook family answered with an outpouring of support, pledging donation after donation to give this sweet dog a chance at a better life.  His was named Achilles!

Achilles went home with his foster mom, Chelsea on March 22nd.  He joined his foster sister Athena, who wasn’t a big fan of the cone Achilles was wearing, but they got used to each other pretty quickly.  Over the next several months, Achilles continued to receive the medical care he needed, and lots of love from his foster family. On September 22nd, Chelsea announced that she decided to officially adopt Achilles into the family!! 

I had the honor of photographing this incredible family, and would love to share some of my favorite photos with you.  Achilles looks like a new dog!  His nose was partially reconstructed with a skin graft from his paw pad, and now he looks like the cutest little dragon! Athena is a wonderful big sister to him, and proudly posed with her family wearing her Furever Sister bandana!  It is incredible how far Achilles has come.  He is now a happy, healthy pup, with an amazing, loving family!