My name is Krystal, and I am easily distracted by dogs!

Wherever I am, whatever is going on, seeing a happy, furry dog face always makes me smile! I’m not sure if it is the wet noses and belly rubs, or wiggle butts and slobbery kisses… but I do know that the joy and excitement dogs greet you with when you come home – that is what unconditional love feels like!

There is a quote attributed to W. R. Purche that says, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.” It is SO true! We are blessed with precious few years to spend with our furry companions; I want to create artwork that will tell their story and will last for a lifetime.

Do you ever wish you could press pause and hold onto a special snuggly moment with your sweet pup? If so, you are in the right place, give me a call! I would love to capture the happy tail wags and goofy smiles so you can cherish those memories forever.



My sweet girl, and mascot of Krystal Photography!

Fun Freya Facts:
* She loves to go on walks… but not too far…
* Her favorite treats are beef and chicken jerky, the “dynamic chewo” - they make her go crazy!
* The second any sort of cheese wrapper opens anywhere in the house, she magically appears!
* She has trained us to move out of “her spot” on the couch when watching TV…
* She would win an award for accomplished pillow thief!
* She is the laziest dog I know… In the mornings, she will not get out of bed until she is SURE I am not going to lay back down.